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About Us

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Essence Health Services, Inc. is a privately owned company whose vision is to significantly and positively impact our region via the creation and operation of premium programs and services which address the environmental, educational, economic, health and social facets of our community.

We provide essential health services to help you or a loved one remain as independent as possible; while receiving quality health care in the comfort of your home. Our dedicated  will provide services in your home or apartment, the home of a loved one, an assisted living facility, a retirement community…wherever you call home, we can help. Meeting your health and wellness needs is our top priority. We work in collaboration with your doctor and obtain orders personalized for you.

Begin improving the quality of your life with us by calling (216) 812-5221.

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  • Phone: (216) 812-5221 Fax: (216) 812-5224 or        (440) 565-5684 Address: 855 E. 222nd Street Euclid, OH 44123
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